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Meet our Business Architect : Maurice Côté!

Meet our Business Architect : Maurice Côté!

Hey everyone, Today, I’m very excited to profile our brilliant and hard working colleague Maurice Côté! In addition to being our Business Architect, Maurice also has a very critical role here: he's our CBBQC (Chief BBQ Cook), and the salads that he creates for our Wednesday staff lunches are divine. ** **To help you get to know Maurice a bit better, I interviewed him a few days ago. My questions are in bold, followed by his answers.

Can you tell me a bit about your background?

For 12 years, I worked as an avionics technician and instructor in the Canadian Army. I’ve also worked as a system/network/database IT administrator, solution architect, and team manager. Throughout my career, I’ve successfully completed several projects for world renowned organizations in the medical industry, and in the online marketing field. Academically, I received my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, and I also have several IT certifications.

When you first joined Devolutions, did you anticipate that the company would grow so much?

While I expected that the company would grow, I truly didn’t expect it to grow so quickly! We doubled our workforce in just a year. In fact, when our CEO David would tell us that “this is the last new hire this year”, we would start laughing with him because we all felt that he would be saying that again very soon – and we’re right!

In your opinion, what drives Devolutions' continued growth?

Our growth is driven by the fact that we turn our customers into RDM champions! That is, we work very hard to solve their problems and make their lives more efficient and easier. In turn, our customers often become our best salespeople, because they demonstrate and recommend our products to their colleagues and friends.

What are some of the biggest changes you've seen or experienced since joining Devolutions?

We used to have a single team, and now we have several – such as our Mac team, Android team, iOS team, and so on. Naturally, the addition of these dynamic new teams has led to many key changes. However, our work environment is very collaborative, and it helps us stay close to each other even when we’re busy on our specific projects and tasks.

What changes do you think might unfold in the future?

I expect that we’ll add even more enterprise-grade featured to RDM. This will help us sustain our strong growth in the corporate sector.

What does your job involve? What tools do you use?

My job involves software development, supervising the support and documentation process, providing live demos, overseeing Devolutions’ network infrastructure, and last but not least, being the BBQ cook! As for tools, there are too many to list them all. In fact, we are providing support on tools and technologies that we may not even have, which makes things interesting.

What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy volunteering at my son’s football club.

Would you like to say something to our community?

Keep the feature requests coming! Use our forums to the fullest, as it helps the whole community. As we often hear: “If You Like Our product, Tell Your Friends. (If You Don’t, Tell Us.)”

Stéphanie Bourque

As Devolutions’ marketing coordinator, I’m in charge of maintaining our social media properties, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. I’m also responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing relationships within and beyond the Remote Desktop Manager community. I’ve always worked and participated in community projects that reflect causes that are very important to me, such as food safety, environmental protection and social inclusion. With my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communications, I’ve led fundraising and awareness campaigns for different organizations. I also write about the environment and technology for the blog “Growing Without Borders”, which is an organization dedicated to providing computers and IT support to disadvantaged communities.

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