Since launching the Devolutions Expert Team this past summer, we’ve seen a steady increase in the amount of knowledge sharing and expert-level discussion on our forum. We’re really impressed by this, and would like to thank everyone in our community for participating and making it a place where IT pros can come to learn, help and have fun with peers from around the world. Recently, we asked all of the members of the Devolutions Expert Team to share their first impressions of RDM 10, so we could feature them in our blog.  The first review is from Brendan Thompson, an IT expert and CEO of BT Systems in Brisbane, Australia. My questions are in bold, followed by Brendan’s answers in italic.  

How are you using RDM in your company?

I use RDM to manage my organization’s servers and network devices. I also use it as an asset registry, so that I can see which staff members are using which workstations, when they were last updated (hardware-wise), and when the warranty expires. The ability to retain a connection logs is very important, as I need to make sure there are records of when I login to PROD servers and the reason for doing it.

What are your first impressions of RDM 10 compared to previous versions?

I’m loving v10 so far. The UI just keeps getting slicker and more user friendly. Filtering on sessions seems to be much faster and a lot more accurate. I’m still hoping that the wasted space on the Dashboard will be better used though.

Is there anything you don’t like about RDM 10 compared to previous versions?

I would honestly have to say there is nothing that I don’t like in comparison to previous versions. There are still improvements to be made in RDM, but as an avid user for many years, I know that these improvements will be coming quickly down the pipeline.

What would you like to see in future versions of RDM?

I would like to see better support for PSExec as a session type, and better support for exploring remote admin shares using a different account to the one that’s logged in.   On behalf of Devolutions, I would like to thank Brendan for his feedback and insights – and we will definitely take his suggestions under advisement! I’ll be back soon with the next expert interview. Stay tuned!