[blockquote cite="Darko Bazulj, Owner, Triton grupa d.o.o." type="left, center, right"]"What do I love about Remote Desktop Manager? I don’t need to think about how to get the job done, because Remote Desktop Manager just does the job!”[/blockquote]

Client Snapshot

Triton grupa d.o.o. is a Croatian company that configures and maintains web servers and associated services, as well as builds advanced IT solutions. While Triton grupa d.o.o. is a relatively small company compared to some larger enterprises, its experts have a great deal of experience in the IT industry, and are trusted by clients in a variety of fields, including medical, manufacturing and technology. The company is led by its owner Darko Bazulj, who we are proud to say is one of the inaugural members of the Devolutions Expert Team.

Triton grupa d.o.o.’s Challenges

Before using RDM, Triton grupa d.o.o. used a variety of tools and struggled to achieve the following key goals:

- Centralize all connections in one place - Add and quickly retrieve details about each connection - Deploy an automatic VPN connection when connecting to client servers in their domain controller - Automatically backup data in case of error, power failure or other hazard

Triton grupa d.o.o’s Solution: Remote Desktop Manager

Since integrating Remote Desktop Manager into its environment a few years ago, Triton grupa d.o.o. can now quickly, easily and reliably achieve all of the following:

- Centralize and unify all remote connections in a single platform - Automatically backup data and restore if necessary - Integrate with Keepass & Lastpass - Automatically access VPN integration - Use cloud Explorer connections

Here’s what Darko Bažulj, Owner at Triton grupa d.o.o., had to say about his company’s experience with Remote Desktop Manager:

[blockquote\]"RDM has not only solved all of our problems, but it has features which we haven’t tried yet. As a result, we no longer need to think about organizing configuration files, or worry about whether our connections were backed-up. We can just focus on doing the work, which makes us much more productive. Plus, we have received a great deal of positive feedback from our clients, who appreciate our quick support. We had been searching for a solution for a while, and when we found RDM we knew that it was the right one – and we have never looked back!"[/blockquote]