Hello RDMers, As you hopefully know by now, in late September we proudly launched the new and improved Remote Desktop Manager 10. So far, the response from our community has been GREAT! We’re thrilled that you like what we’ve done to make your lives easier and more efficient. Last week, two of my colleagues, Maurice Côté our Business Architect and Maxime Trottier our Marketing Director, held a Webinar to showcase some of RDM 10’s coolest new features and functions, including the:
  • New user interface
  • Enhanced Active Directory functionality
  • Advanced search dialog engine
  • Batch script execution
  • RDM Agent
  • RDM Jump
Plus, they wrapped up the Webinar with a live demo of RDM 10 in action!
Watch the Webinar On-Demand
If you missed the Webinar, then don’t worry. We’re pleased to present it below – simply click play, grab some popcorn, and get ready to learn more about what RDM 10 can do for you. It’s “must-see-video” regardless of whether you’re an RDM license holder, are enjoying a free trial, or are deciding whether to join the global community of RDMers!
Happy viewing!