Hi everyone!

Today is quite a special day for me as I’m posting my 10,000th post (or 333 pages total) on the Devolutions forum. My first post dates from July 2008 when I created the Devolutions forum. A lot has changed since then as we are now a full-grown company but still kept the spirit of a start-up which is really important to me. New team members were added along the way to help me and I’m pleased to say that we do offer world-class support on the forum just like day one! Moreover, I’d like to welcome our new Devolutions Expert Team as well: 20 Remote Desktop Manager experts who regularly answer your questions right here on the forum. Thanks everyone!

10000 post

Now, we thought it would be cool (and funny) to build a top 5 of my most popular posts on the forum.

Enjoy! ;)

-  Could you restart or reboot your computer?

-   I will add this to my to-do list.

-   Could you install the latest beta?

-   Could you send me a screenshot please?

-   It’s not my fault, we use a third-party.

More seriously, thanks for the support throughout the years. You help us build a better solution every day and I can assure the best is yet to come. I’m off now to answer your questions and hit the 20,000 post milestone.

Talk to you soon!