Hi everyone, Once again, it’s my pleasure to share that the Devolutions team is growing! Please join me in welcoming Xavier Fortin, our newest software developer! To help you get to know Xavier a bit better, I interviewed him a few days ago. My questions are in bold, followed by his answers.

Why did you decide to work at Devolutions?

I’ve just completed my Degree in Software Development, and two of my fellow students – Hubert and Oliver – are Devolutions employees.  They raved about the company and kept telling me good things about the people and the environment. And so Hubert put me in touch with the CEO David, who I met for the first time at our interview. And the rest is history!

What are your first impressions of working at Devolutions?

It’s an interesting challenge! I feel really fortunate to have this great opportunity to work with new technologies and systems, and to develop my skills and knowledge. As I mentioned, I had already heard many good things about Devolutions before joining the company, and I’m happy to say that they’re all true! All of my high expectations have been exceeded. My new colleagues are really supportive and friendly, and the work environment is very positive and motivating. It’s awesome!

What does your job involve? What tools do you use?

Currently, I’m assigned to the Mac team. We mostly use C# as our programming language, as well as Xamarin Studio. I’m focusing specifically on a tool that helps users add and open their documents.

What are some of your hobbies?

I have a passion for science and technology! I’m also a big video game fan, which is why I decided to start a career in web development. I also enjoy learning about politics and culture from around the world.

What invention do you wish you had create, or could create?

I’d love to create a system or technology that allows people to transfer all of their brain’s memories into someone else, and vice versa. I know that this sounds like science fiction, but I’m convinced that technology will make it happen one day!

Would you like to say something to our community?

The expertise and passion of the Devolutions team is the big reason why Remote Desktop Manager is truly unique, and why it’ll constantly be improved!