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Lots of sessions to manage = Lots of credentials to manage

Manage credentials with Remote Desktop Manager

Hey everyone, For those of you who have tons of sessions to manage, you know that it usually results in a lot of credentials to manage as well.

Merge credential list with sessionsIf you are allowed to reuse credentials for multiple devices, one of our best practices is in fact to use Credential Entries to store these credentials, then link to them from your sessions. If you do follow our recommendation, keeping those Credential Entries in the same folder as the sessions makes a lot of sense.

Our default mode of operation is to separate the Sessions, Credentials, and Tools in their own root level folders. This is fine for many of our customers, but maybe not for you.

If you want to manage your credentials with ease, we recommend that you check Merge credential list with sessions in File -> Options -> User Interface -> Tree View(Online Help)

Your credentials will appear under the Sessions root, ideally you would store them in the folder that has most relevance: Domain, Site, Building, etc.

If you watch the "Getting Started for Teams" video on our page (, you'll see that this is a recommendation that we make as an initial setup step.  

Jean-François Dagenais

Almost 15 years of experience in technical support as an Helpdesk Technician, IT Consultant as well as Senior Access Management Technician. I have worked many years in the banking industry, so security and customer service is really important for me. Now, as an Technical Advisor, my role is to help people using our products efficiently and make sure that our documentation is easy to understand and up-to-date.

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