Our CEO David generally prefers to stay “behind the scenes” because he’d like to shine the spotlight on our products, and on his colleagues and partners, instead of himself. However, I kept bugging him over and over to do an interview with me for the blog, and finally he agreed. Here’s a snapshot of that conversation!

What was your initial vision for Devolutions?

Initially, our vision was to develop software and applications to manage remote connections. Back then, we didn’t focus on how we could integrate technologies into our tool to make it even more versatile and useful for IT pros and teams. That would come later.

That leads to my next question. How has Devolutions’ vision changed over the years? And how do you see things changing over the next few years?

Our vision has indeed evolved over the years. Today, our products are much more of an integrated, centralized solution than a tool – both in terms of what they offer, and how they work on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and soon Linux and mobile. Plus, we’re serving IT pros and teams around the world – we have over 200,000 customers in more than 100 countries. Considering our very humble beginnings – in my basement, no less – the change and evolution has been nothing short of phenomenal. As for what the future will hold, we’ll continue to work in collaboration with major players – such as Dell, HP, IBM, Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft and more -- to make our products even more valuable and functional for our amazing community. Ultimately, we’d like to get to a place where our solutions become the standard for helping people connect everywhere, anytime and with any platform.

You mentioned that integrating technologies into RDM remains a core part of Devolutions’ vision. What are some of your personal favorite technologies?

That’s a hard question to answer, since every technology adds value in one way or another. But if I had to pick some of my favorites, I’d say that management tools like Secret Server, PasswordState and LastPass are really impressive. As you can see, our vision was never to compete with these great tools, but rather to collaborate with them and integrate them into our solutions. Ultimately, this synergy adds value for our users.

There’s been a lot of positive buzz around RDM for Mac. What prompted you to move in that direction?

More and more administrators are using either Mac, or both Windows and Mac, to manage their platforms. In order to serve their needs, we developed RDM for Mac. We relied heavily on FreeRDP from Awake Coding to make this happen.

Speaking of FreeRDP, why did you decide to work with this tool? With them?

Marc- André -- the person who leads FreeRDP – is a brilliant and widely respected expert, and he’s also a personal friend. Collaborating with him has been both fun and productive, and we both have a similar vision for the future of technology – especially in terms of growth. We both want to help shape that future and be part of that growth, and so working together was a natural fit.

As for RDM for Android, why did you start there instead of iOS?

Don’t worry, we’ll definitely be launching an iOS version to serve our customers. However, we started with the Android version based on our market research, which included a survey we launched via our blog and Spiceworks. Overwhelmingly, our users want an Android version, and so that’s where we’re starting. But again, eventually we’ll have app versions for all major platforms, including of course iOS.

And lastly, where did the name Devolutions come from?

The name is actually a combination of two words: development and evolution. The development part reflects my background in software development, while the evolution part illustrates our ongoing commitment making our users’ lives better, easier and simpler.

If you have any questions for David or anyone else on our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below. We’re always listening to our community!