Hi everyone, I’ve got BIG news today that we’ve been working on for a few weeks! 

Recently, we worked with our amazing RDM community on how we could update our Devolutions Server (DVLS) licensing policy so that it could be an even better fit for IT pros and team who wanted to use it as a remote connection and password repository as well as a management platform for Remote Desktop Manager.

We learned that, depending of your organization’s software acquisition policies, half of you prefers a yearly subscription, while the other half prefers a monthly subscription. So based on this, I’m very happy to announce that we now offer 2 RDMS subscription options: yearly and monthly

New RDMS Options & Pricing

Yearly Subscription
Monthly Subscription
RDMS Corporate (unlimited users)
Premium Support
RDMS Small Business (10 users)
Premium Support

As you can see, the yearly subscription is now $2,999.99/year or $299.99 /month for the RDMS Corporate Edition, which comes with a complete RDM Enterprise Global license for unlimited users. For the RDMS Small Business Edition, which comes with 10 RDM Enterprise licenses, the price is $1499.99/year or $149.99/month. I invite you to view our comparison chart for more details on the different RDMS subscription plans and their specifications: http://remotedesktopmanagerserver.com/Home/FeaturesGrid

No Long-Term Commitment 

And we’re not done yet! I’m also happy to announce there is NO minimum, NO contract, and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. This way, you have total freedom on the number of users, and can decide which subscription option works best for you. 

Extended Support Plan

Plus, both the RDMS Corporate and RDMS Small Business Editions come with our extended support plan at no additional cost.  The Extended Support plan includes:

  • High priority support
  • Initial response time - next business day
  • Major and Minor upgrades for 12 months
  • Forum support
  • Access to the development team
  • Email support
  • Custom Installer Service

Premium Support Pan

If you need additional support, you can upgrade to the Premium Support plan, which includes:

  • Highest priority support
  • Initial response time - 4 hours
  • Major and Minor upgrades for 12 months
  • Forum support
  • Access to the development team
  • Email support
  • Phone support (during business hours)
  • Emergency Fix
  • Data migration support
  • Custom Installer Service 

The fee for the Premium Support plan is $999.99/year ($99.99/month) for RDMS Corporate, and $499.99/year ($49.99/month) for RDMS Small Business.

Already using Remote Desktop Manager Server?

If you are one of our many RDMS users and would like to switch to the monthly or yearly subscription plan, please contact me at mtrottier@devolutions.netand I’ll gladly provide assistance on how to seamlessly make the switch.

A word from David, Devolutions CEO

I asked our CEO David to say a few words about this BIG news. Here’s what he had to say: “With the advent of the SaaS model in the software industry, we wanted to offer a similar, worry-free licensing model that was easily scalable for our users. We asked the RDM community what would be the best solution that fits their world. Today, we’re excited to launch our new licensing policy, which allows any type of businesses -- either small or large -- to deploy RDMS in their organization, and ultimately get more done with less time, effort and resources.”


Schedule a live demo today!

Interested in learning more about RDMS? Maurice our Product Manager will be happy to provide you with a customized, step-by-step interactive demonstration that lets you see RDMS in action. Plus, Maurice will answer your questions. To schedule your live interactive demo, please contact me at mtrottier@devolutions.net

Additional Thoughts?

Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or comments. Our expert support team is ready to answer all of your technical questions, and our sales team will work with you to discover how RDMS can make your life easier, simpler, more efficient and more productive!