High everyone!
Last month, I asked all of you wonderful IT Pros to share your best IT blogs. The response was great, and I’m pleased to share the top results with you below (with my comments for your consideration): http://packetlife.net – Take a look at the Cheat Sheets in their forum http://howtogeek.com – Love the Discussion section http://arstechnica.com – Good mix of trending news and IT topics http://thegeekstuff.com– Lots of how-to articles http://lifehacker.com – Interesting overall tech blog http://gizmodo.com – You can find some cool science articles while you are there http://etherealmind.com– Greg Ferro’s Blog (@etherealmind) http://slashdot.org – Very engaged community http://dvice.com – Just like the header mentions: Tech, Art and Design, Science You might know some of these already, but hopefully at least a few are new. Personally, I think blogging is an art – and with so much stuff out there (and so little time), it’s easy to get lost or just overwhelmed. Ultimately, I think a good blog is one that’s relevant, a go-to source for resources, and most of all, a place to engage in conversations with experts and peers.  

This Month’s Winners!

Congratulations to this month’s lucky winners of a Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise license: Julian Moorhouse, Jim Jones, Ben Liebowitz and Dragon5150. For Dragon5150, please send me an email at mtrottier@devolutions.net as I only have your nickname on the blog. For everyone else, I’ll contact you via Google+, but you can also send me an email to claim your license. Thanks to everyone who have participated. Feel free to leave a comment below and share any new blog recommendations. And stay tuned for the July poll, coming very soon! Thanks!