Hi everyone!

Today, we’re excited to officially release Remote Desktop Manager 8.4. We’ve been working on this for several weeks, and added some cool new features in light of ideas and feedback we received at TechEd in New Orleans.

RDM 8.4 is already our third release in 2013, and it features more than 80 improvements and bug fixes You can download it right now here: https://remotedesktopmanager.com/home/download


What’s New!

Here’s a brief overview of some of the major improvements you’ll find in RDM 8.4:
  • Support for new data source types (SFTP, FTPS, MariaDB)
  • Improved user interface (Google map and cell phone field in contact, simplified application password management)
  • New Italian and Dutch language version
  • Secret Server Windows authentication support
  • Improved import connection framework (support for Royal TSX and Terminals 3.0 file types)
  • …and much more!
Please check out the Change History page for a complete list of what’s new:  https://remotedesktopmanager.com/home/changehistory  

FREE 30-Day Trial

If you’re new to RDM, you can download a FREE 30-day trial version here: https://remotedesktopmanager.com/ You can also explore our helpful brochure for more information on all of our products: https://webdevolutions.blob.core.windows.net/download/Documents/RDM-Brochure.pdf  

Send us your Feedback

 We’re always looking to connect with our users. Please send your feedback via social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook). Be sure to visit our Forum if you need any help, to request a new feature, or simply to learn more about what we do. You’ll also meet our amazing community of IT pros.  Thanks!