Hi everyone! As you all SHOULD know if you really and truly cared (do I sound like your mom?), it’s Mother’s Day this weekend! And like millions of people, you’ll probably buy your mom some flowers, chocolates, perhaps a bottle of wine or a day at the spa…that kind of stuff. It’s nice, but let’s be honest: it’s pretty predictable, right? Well, this year, I have an interesting suggestion for you. Instead of giving her something ordinary, why don’t you prove to her that, as a Remote Desktop Manager user, you are faithfully following 5 key pieces of her wise, loving and motherly advice.  

“Don’t forget to tidy up everything!”

Remember when you were a kid and having fun with your toys – and you’d leave them all over the place? Or when growing older, do you remember organizing a LAN party in your basement (Doom, anyone?) – and your tired, overworked mom had to nag you to tidy up everything? Well, imagine her delight in discovering that now, after all of these years, you’re using RDM to group and organize all your remote connections and passwords. And when you show her the elegant easy-to-reach tree view, she just might start crying tears of joy.  

“Put on your helmet”

Ah, yes. Remember how you would recklessly ride your bike around your home? And who was that person who pleaded with you to put your helmet? Your mom, of course! Well, now with RDM, you can show her that you finally got the message. You can even point out our Online Backup, which is the easiest and quickest way to automatically save all your remote connections and settings in case there’s a mistake or equipment failure. Your mom will be so proud.  

“Don’t talk to strangers”

And let’s not forget mom’s classic warning: don’t ever talk to strangers! Well, guess what? Now you can show her that, thanks to RDM, you can create security groups or grant access to parts of your database to certain users -- and keep everyone else locked outside. Expect plenty of hugs and comments like “oh my little baby is so big now!”  

“Don’t forget to lock the door!”

Whether you were just running in for a drink or to watch a couple of minutes of Transformers, your mom always told you to lock the front door. Well, now that you’re all grown up (well, let’s pretend J), you can tell mom that you not only lock the front door of the house but you also protect your network’s “front door” as well.  Indeed, the weakest link of any network is passwords. They’re “doors” to your sensitive data. With RDM's integrated password generator, you can always ensure that you’re using strong passwords. And even better, you don’t even have to remember them, as the tool does it for you. Plus, you can choose which users can or cannot view the passwords, while still granting them access to servers, VMs, client’s infrastructures, etc.  Your mom may even worry that she’s trained you TOO well!  

“Don’t come back too late”

Back when in my early teenage years, there were no cellphones or GPS devices to keep track of me and my friends…and we loved it! But what wasn't fun was always being reminded not to come back too late. Well, I can’t say that I always followed that order – and maybe you didn’t always, either. But so what? That was the past, and now you can prove to your mom that you’re never late by showing her RDM’s  database connection log. Impress her with epic tales of how RDM helps you keep track of every action performed during a session, such as opening, closing, deleting, creating, editing a session, and so on. And if she isn't by this point busy thanking the heavens for giving her such a wonderful child, be sure to tell her about how useful this is for auditing and billing purposes, too.  

What Do You Think?

Well, OK – let’s be frank. Your mom probably isn't going to love RDM as much as you do. But what she’ll really love is how you listened to her advice, and have grown up into such a smart and thoughtful IT pro (who always wears clean underwear and eats veggies). Thanks, and to the great mom’s out there: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Max PS: I’m curious to see what your mother told you as a kid that still applies in your day-to-day tasks. Feel free to share them below!