Hi everyone! Whether you’re getting ready to take off for TechEd in New Orleans or not, you’ll quickly find out that Twitter is the tool of choice if you want to know what’s going on during the week. After all, Twitter is a powerful way to directly and instantly reach numerous users, and it’s especially helpful for large events like TechEd.  In a way, Twitter becomes a sort of community within a community. So, want to know if  a session is right for you? Find out with Twitter. Want to know which keynote speech is a must-see? Find out with Twitter. Want to know where to hangout and meet your peers between sessions? Find out with Twitter. Want to know where the biggest and coolest parties are? You guessed it: Find out with Twitter!

TechEd Loves Twitter

Yesterday, I posted six tips to help you get the most out of TechEd. Today, I’ll focus on some helpful Twitter tips: 
  • Connect with the "Twitter Army" from myITforum.com (@myitforum). Last year in Orlando, these great volunteer Tweeters helped us know what was going on at all times. New for this year, the Twitter Army will use the special hashtag #TechEdfun for community events. Even if you're not heading to New Orleans, you should still follow them to access great content.
  • You can also follow official TechEd Twitter feed (@TechEd_NA) for official news and announcements during the week. Plus, you can ask questions and get a rapid response. The official TechEd Twitter hashtag is #msTechEd.
  • Another great networking group who rocks TechEd each year is The Krewe (@TheKrewe). These guys are really awesome! They will Tweet about special events, parties and other activities. They also organize all sorts of gatherings during the week, and you can be sure to find them at the popular Jam Session, which will be held on Tuesday night. Make sure to follow hashtag #thekrewe to receive all updates.
  • And of course, don’t forget to follow us too (@remotedeskman). We’ll be tweeting about our experiences, what we’re doing, and where to find us. You can also follow David our CEO (@dhervieux) and me (@Max_Trottier)

Meet Us!

I hope to see all of you on Twitter next week! Feel free to DM me on Twitter if you want to meet us, or send me an email at mtrottier@devolutions.net. Don’t forget to drop by our booth (#723) to get your Swag and meet the team behind Remote Desktop Manager. Thanks!