Hi everyone!

As you may know, we’ll be exhibiting at TechEd this summer in New Orleans. This is the second time we’ll be exhibiting at Microsoft’s largest IT Pro convention (or party ;), and we’ll be showcasing the new Remote Desktop Manager 8.

We’re very excited about meeting many of the amazing RDMers who have made the switch to version 8 over the last few months. We also can’t wait to connect with new IT pros who are looking for a way to simply and securely manage all of their remote connections and passwords.

The Results

Now, as for April’s poll: last month, I asked for suggestions on what we should showcase at TechEd this year to really WOW the crowd. We received many great responses full of useful comments and suggestions – thank you all!

Here are the most popular suggestions on what we should highlight:
  • The sessions and passwords sharing features
  • The flexibility and versatility with respect to integrated technologies
  • The nearly limitless configuration and customization options
  • The PowerShell support, which allows for easy personalized scripts integration
  • The built-in log and tracking report for billing and auditing purposes

And the Winners are...

Thank you for sharing your great suggestions via our blog, social media, forum and email. And of course, here are this month’s four lucky winners of $25 Amazon gift certificates: Andrew Bradley II, Mark Borchert, Brian Krontz and cwestgor. Congratulations! Please send me an email at mtrottier@devolutions.net to claim your prize. I'll also try to contact you.