Hi everyone!

Winter is coming to an end (finally!) and Spring is on the doorstep.  What better way to celebrate the return of warm sunny days than by writing, creating, editing and illustrating a new series of our popular Sysadminotaur?

IT Comics

For the uninitiated: Sysadminotaur is our comic strip created by IT pros, for IT pros. It’s a bit like Dilbert in a way (which we love), except that Sysadminotaur has its own look and personality, and really focuses on the world that IT teams face on a daily basis. You’ll surely find characters you can relate to, and others who remind you of team members and especially your boss!

Sky is the Limit!

The second coolest thing about Sysadminotaur, is that we can do pretty much anything we want! Thanks to our talented friend and artist Patrick Désilets, the sky is the limit, and we can create all kinds of great stories or scenarios.

Tell Us Your Stories

So what’s the coolest thing about Sysadminotaur? It’s that you can be part of the experience! Get in touch with me at mtrottier@devolutions.netand share your story ideas. As long as it’s funny and related to the IT world, and isn’t cruel, inhumane or will get us in any trouble J then I’ll send to Patrick, and he can work his magic.

If you need some inspiration, or haven’t yet experienced the wild and wacky world of Sysadminotaur, then check out the first 10 strips of here: https://blog.devolutions.net/category/sysadminotaur

So come on and let’s have some fun! Send me your ideas, and get the chance to see your idea immortalized forever.