Hi everyone!

Although the Remote Desktop Manager feature of linking to external Credential Management Systems was appreciated, we were often told that having to create a Credential entry for every remote credential was simply too much work. This was a challenge, but we've come up with an elegant way of removing that requirement. Now you can simply create a single credential entry for each external system!

This is implemented for 1Password, KeePass, LastPass, PasswordSafe, Passwordstate, Secret Server.


First, you must have a credential entry that points to the Credential Management System. The critical setting to enable is “Always Prompt with List”! dynamic 1      

This is the trigger that allows our magic to happen. Now in a session definition, you must choose “Credential Repository” and then your credential entry created the step before. Notice that a new action appears just below the credential selection drop down.

dynamic2           This will display our standard dialog to select a credential… dynamic3                   After you've confirmed your choice, the link is changed to the name of the credential. dynamic4   Now, whenever you launch the session, the credential will be obtained automatically!

Obviously, if you had set up your credential entry to always prompt for password, or if the Credential Management System requires it, you will have to enter your password. So there, simple to implement and a much better use of your time.

Have fun exploring all our new features! Stay tuned for more feature highlights in version 9 later this week! The Devolutions team.