Hi everyone!
Last summer at Microsoft TechEd 2012 in Orlando, Florida, we ran into Jason Bovberg, the editor of Windows IT Pro magazine. Jason immediately loved RDM, and connected us with his publication’s highly-regarded product reviewer, Russell Smith. 
Well, guess what? Russell took RDM for a spin, and has published a great review HERE!
Here’s a small sample of the nice things that Russell had to say:
  • New sessions are quick and easy to create from the main UI.
  • Devolutions seems to have thought of everything needed to streamline the workflow of a support engineer.
  • Remote Desktop Manager is a great tool for support technicians.

And in conclusion:

“Remote Desktop Manager can help boost Help desk efficiency for organizations and service providers that need to manage access credentials for multiple systems or customers.”
We’d like to thank Jason, Russell and Windows IT Pro magazine for their support!
PS: If you're an RDM fan, please feel free to share/forward the review to the IT pros in your network. We'd love your help to spread the word, so that more people can enjoy the benefits. Thank you in advance!
Russell Smith is an independent IT consultant specializing in systems management and security, and author of Least Privilege Security for Windows 7, Vista and XP (Packt). Email: rms@russell-smith.net