Hi everyone!

A long-time Remote Desktop Manager user, Brendan Thompson from Brisbane, Australia, just posted a really great review and complete technical walk-through of RDM -- and more specifically, on the add-on manager. It’s an informative and definitely worth checking out.

For those who aren't familiar with the add-on manager, it’s one of the most popular RDM tools. It gives you the power to extend RDM’s functionality with new tools and protocols (such as VPN, Import tools, Session tools, etc.).

Remote Desktop Manager Add-On



About Brendan

Brendan currently works as a Helpdesk Support Technician/System Administrator for a small MSP in Brisbane, Australia. In his spare time, he enjoys software development, and hopes to eventually move into a full-time development role. He also enjoys writing informative and helpful IT-related reviews and walk-throughs. Brendan has helped us many times with new RDM features, and is very generous about sharing his knowledge with other IT pros in our forum. You can contact him directly at Brendan@btsystems.com.au