Hi everyone! Last month, we asked you to share your RDM wish list with us. We received plenty of responses via social media and email. This was a welcome change from November when you were all too busy playing Call of Duty BO2 to participate in our monthly poll. Thank you all so much for your contributions -- YOU GUYS ROCK! First thing: we’ve forwarded every single suggestion to our Development Team, and they’ll be following up with me in a few days. I’ll be sure to post their comments! As for the suggestions, here are some samples of the great feedback we received:
  • Enhance the ability to attach and manage files
  • Improve the way groups and folders are organized
  • Integrate new tools and protocols (lots of great ideas here!)
And of course, many of you asked us to hurry-up and release the cross-platform version of RDM – we’re working on it, we promise! For a complete list of the great suggestions, please view the comments section of the December Poll blog post. You’ll also find some feedback from our CEO David.  

The Winners are...

And, as promised, we’re thrilled to give away four $25 Amazon.com gift cards to randomly selected members of our community who participated in the poll. Without further delay, the lucky winners are: Thorsten Albrecht, Randy Allen, Russell Endicott and Németh Csaba. Congratulations! Please send an email to mtrottier@devolutions.net to claim your prize. I’ll also be getting in touch with you to make sure you receive your gift card. Again, thank you to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for the January Poll – I’ll be posting that tomorrow!