Hi everyone!

Last week, I stumbled upon a thread on Reddit that really caught my attention: “Biggest lies told in IT.” Well as you might know by now, I work on the marketing side here at Devolutions, and so I’m not an IT pro like most of you. So I really dug deep in this thread to learn more about the world you work in. 

As you might expect, a lot of the “lies” are about money, workload and stories about end-users and/or co-workers screwing things up.  It really sounds pretty stressful sometimes! Here’s the full list, counting down from 10 to 1.

Top Ten Lies in IT!

10. "The developers need root."

 9. "We pay for and encourage training."  8. "Of course the business understands the value of IT, and is willing to budget appropriately!"  7. "That ‘other duties as assigned’ is 5% of your job responsibilities."  6. "These new offshore guys are just going to do some menial tasks to free up IT's time to do big        projects... "  5. "Budgets are tight this year, but we'll take care of you next year."  4. "Pays competitive wage."  3. "You won't be required to participate in on-call work."  2. "I didn't change anything. It just stopped working."  1. "Don’t worry, your workload increase is only temporary. We’re going to replace your co-worker   who just left."   So now it’s your turn: do you agree with these? Which lie(s) have you come across the most?  Please share your comments and, especially, your stories with us. Let us know what you put up with! Thanks!