Hi everyone! As you may recall, in April 2012 we launched Remote Desktop Manager Server(RDMS), and so far it’s proven to be extremely popular. Then, to celebrate RDMS’ 1 year anniversary, earlier this month we launched version 2.0. Again, the response from our amazing community of IT teams and pros around the world has been very positive.

Introducing the New Small Business Edition

However, as you hopefully know by now, we’re always listening to our community – after all, we don’t build products for us; we build them for YOU! And some of you told us that while you really wanted to use RDMS, you found the price beyond your budget. Some of you also told us that you really don’t need RDMS’ unlimited user feature. Well, guess what? You asked, and today we’re very excited to introduce you to the new Small Business Edition of RDMS, which has been specifically designed for small and medium businesses! Here are the great things about the new Small Business Edition:
  • You’ll access all of RDMS’ powerful and versatile features
  • You can create 10 accounts (instead of unlimited accounts)
  • You’ll get an RDM Enterprise Global license for free

Give it a Try!

If you’re ready to take the Remote Desktop Manager Server out for a spin, or you’d simply like to learn more about our products and pricing, please visit: http://remotedesktopmanagerserver.com We hope that you enjoy this latest member of the Devolutions suite of products! Please send us your feedback and let us know what you think about this newest product! Thanks!