Hello everyone, including: Blog subscribers, guests, first viewers, tech gods and geeks from all over the world, IT pros, RDM users and non-users, competitors, family (HI MOM!) and friends (according to my Facebook, there are a lot of you -- but where were you last week when I moved?!?), and folks who don’t have a clue of how they landed here. Welcome! Yesterday, we had a discussion here at Devolutions about the most popular tool or protocol that our community (that would be YOU) uses to access your desktop remotely. Well, our friendly discussion quickly turned into a (friendly) debate – and, yes, a bet. And that’s where I need your help. I have $20 riding on this, and bragging rights, which are invaluable! So how can you help? Simply answer this question:

What remote desktop protocol or tool do you use every day?

I know there are plenty of them: VPN, VNC, RDP, SSH, TeamViewer, LogMeIn, TelNet, Dameware, ScreenConnect and many more. Pick one, or if you use more than one each day, pick a bunch. You can share your answer(s) using the comment box below, or via Facebook or Twitter. I’ll share the results in an upcoming post, and mention whether or not I won the bet. And if I happen to win, you can suggest to me how I should spend my $20. I’ll go with the best or most popular idea, and post another blog about it – maybe with full HD pictures or video (lol…what have I gotten myself into here!? ) Have a nice one! Max