Most people know that a remote desktop management tool is a smart, safe and cost-effective way to manage virtual (or “distributed”) teams – whether they’re located across the street, the city, the country or even the world.

But did you know that there are six MORE great reasons for using a remote desktop management tool? Some of them may surprise you – and all of them make practical business sense. Here they are:

Save Time

A remote desktop management tool helps you avoid time consuming (and tedious) tasks like login and authentication. It’s all handled automatically after the first session. It may not seem like a huge time-saver, but it adds up!

Enhance Versatility

A remote desktop management tool lets you efficiently manage a variety of different connection types and protocols. So instead of managing different platforms and programs, you’ll have one simple tool that handles all of your remote connections.

Improve Productivity

A remote desktop management tool lets you multi-task in real-time. So you’ll be able to add, edit, share, delete and monitor multiple sessions, while enjoying a complete overview of your network. You can also customize your dashboard to help you get even more done in less time.

Strengthen Security

A remote desktop management tool gives you an extra layer of protection above your current network security. You’ll be empowered to secure, organize and store your sensitive data, while granting access to specified users only. You can also manage user security rights by creating built-in users or domain users.

Improve Teamwork

A remote desktop management tool helps you streamline teamwork by sharing session setting among multiple users. You’ll also be able to monitor, verify and analyze the connection log to generate timesheets for billing or audit purposes.

Simplify Your Life

A remote desktop management tool simplifies your life by creating, storing and organizing your passwords and credentials – so you don’t have to. You can also establish secure logins for your team, and allow them to access the network without compromising security.

So there they are: the six lesser-known reasons why a remote desktop tool makes sense, and why more businesses and teams around the world are using it to make life simpler, more efficient and more productive. Of course, it’s also true that not all remote desktop tools are created equal. Some offer one or two of these benefits, and a few offer all of them.