Hi everyone! we’ve just concluded a new partnership with Awake Coding Consulting, an open source software consulting company that is also the creator and leader of the renowned open-source project, FreeRDP.

Here’s some exciting news:

As a result of the partnership, we’ll be contributing our expertise, tools, talents and financial resources to help Awake Coding Consulting advance the FreeRDP project towards full cross-platform implementation of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

What is RDP?

FreeRDP is an implementation of RDP, and released under the commercial-friendly Apache license. You can learn more about it at http://www.freerdp.com/. (By the way, if you’ve ever worked on the project or are part of the FreeRDP community, I’d like to hear from you – please email me at mtrottier@devolutions.net).

How did this all start?

Marc-André Moreau of Awake Coding Consulting and our CEO David Hervieux met a few months ago at a Microsoft RDP developer event in Seattle. They both immediately saw an opportunity to work together, and the idea of developing FreeRDP on multiple platforms was born.

What’s in it for you?

Many RDM users over the past few months have asked us if we’re planning on developing RDM for Mac and mobile platforms. Well, thanks to this new partnership, I’m very happy to tell you that YES – we’re on our way! In fact, we’ve already tested prototypes for Mac, iOS and Android, and so far, so good. We’ll announce updates in the near future.

Why now?

For the last few months, we’ve been working hard on the next big release of RDM 8.0, which will have a new UI and additional features. Without question, RDM 8.0 will be our most advanced and user-friendly update by far, and the fulfilment of our goal to deliver the best tool possible to manage remote connections and passwords for companies and organizations throughout the world. So, now that most of the really hard work for RDM 8.0 is behind us, we have the time to focus on full cross-platform implementation. We’re ready, our users are ready, and RDM’s community of experts are ready. So it’s time to rock!

What else is new?

In addition to all of this fun stuff, we have other exciting developments to announce. We’ve just opened a new office in Montreal, hired two new talented experts -- Maurice and Richard, who I will introduce to you in an upcoming post –. And with RDM 8.0 due to launch in the next few weeks, you can see that things are moving fast, as always. I’ll keep you updated on the latest news via this blog, so stay tuned!

Share your views

I’d love to hear your opinions on our new partnership with the FreeRDP project – especially from Mac people. Your input it vital to us, and we’re always listening. Share your views by commenting below, by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or sending me an email at: mtrottier@devolutions.net. Thank you!