Early in September, I asked our valued community of RDM users what remote desktop tools or protocols they use every day. The response was great, and I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their feedback via our blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email. Well, September is over, wich means the voting has closed, I've crunched the numbers and here are the 22 tools and protocols that made the list:
RDP 30% LogmeIn 3%
VPN 12% Telnet 3%
SSH 8% Citrix 3%
Teamviewer 7% Vmware 3%
VNC 6% Dameware 2,50%
Putty 4% iLO 2,50%
Cisco 4% iDRAC 2,50%
Proxynetworks, NetSupport, Xshell, Netviewer, Powerfuse, Fortinet, Lync and KVM: All less than 2%
  Clearly, the winner here is Microsoft RDP, and since that was my bet in the pool we had here at Devolutions, I'm $20 richer (learn more about our wager here). I still don't know what I'm going to do with the money, so please send your suggestions to : mtrottier@devolutions.net.