As we all know, email isn't secure. But it’s convenient, fast and free – and so many of us ignore the security risks. Yet when you step back and think about it, ask yourself: Would you ever think of sending cash through the regular mail? Even sending it through a courier is risky! But if you send sensitive information via email, that’s pretty much what you’re doing. Fortunately, there’s a solution! Here at Devolutions, we've developed a feature that allows for symmetric encryption of sensitive information, so that it can then be securely sent via email (or any other protocol) while keeping the data safe. This feature can also be used to save/export/backup sensitive information to disk.  

How it Works

The feature is simple and easy to use:
  1. Select one or multiple data entries
  2. Right-click Import/Export -> Export Data Entry -> Export Data Entry (.html)
  3. When prompted, enter a password
  4. Save the file to disk
And that’s it! Your document is ready to be securely sent via email or any other protocol.  

Export Multiple Entries

And what if you’re exporting multiple data entries? To prevent prying eyes from seeing more than they should, each secured string must be individually decrypted. Someone is walking by your desk, simply hit F5 or close the file, and the information is secure again.  

A Word about AES-256

We use AES-256 to encrypt/decrypt your sensitive data. Since the decryption is done entirely in the browser, there’s no need for external tools, downloads or installs. Here’s a snapshot of the encrypted values:  

Safe & Smart Virtual Backup

In addition, HTML Export using symmetric encryption is a great way to securely – and virtually – backup your passwords and other sensitive information. It allows you to share information via email, or simply send the file to your personal email account as a backup. The possibilities are endless, and it’s just another way that we’re working hard to help you centralize it, secure it and simplify IT!  

Sample File

Give it a try. I’ve uploaded a sample export file here. You will need to find/guess the password but that shouldn’t very difficult.  


Sorry, decryption of the printed document isn’t supported. We have yet to figure out a way to do this. If someone ever does please let us know.  

Share Your View

Please tell us what you think of this feature, and in particular, if it’s helped you solve a problem – or, better yet, avoid a problem in the first place! Share your view by commenting below or posting on our Facebook page. You can also send me an email at Stéfane Lavergne