RDM for Mac Beta Coming in October – Check out the Screenshot!

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Hello fellow RDMers!

Ohhhhhhhh,  I know that many of you have been waiting for this one for a while now. At last, I’m pleased to share with you that the Mac Beta version of Remote Desktop Manager will be released in October!
Plus, we’re making the Beta version public, so everyone will be able to download and take it for a spin. Please be sure to follow our blog to be notified when the official Beta registration form will be released.

Cool Screenshot!

Richard our amazing Software Architect sent over a really cool screenshot of RDM for Mac running an RDP connection (FreeRDP API along with encrypted SQLite data source). Check it out:

And the good news keeps on coming!

I’m also happy to share that RDM licenses will be good for BOTH the Windows and Mac versions. So you won’t have to pay extra – which is great if your team uses a mix of both platforms.

Password Vault Manager for Mac Beta

Before I let you go, I wanted to send along a Password Vault Manager for Mac update, too. The Beta will be released in September, and the UI will look very much like RDM’s.
Stays tuned for more details, and please share your comments and questions below.
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Max TrottierRDM for Mac Beta Coming in October – Check out the Screenshot!
  • Felix Vigo

    Very Strange to see RDM on a mac but nonetheless it is good news!

  • Cody Wilson

    Major props on using FreeRDP vs. rdesktop as the backend. I’ve been looking for CoRD, the only thing close to RDM on OS X, to switch their RDP backend to FreeRDP for years now, and now my RDM connection list is going to have feature parity? Awesome!

  • Greg

    When can we start Beta testing? :D

    • Maxime Trottier

      We will post a Registration form shortly. Stay tuned and register to be part of the Beta testing team! Thanks!

    • Nctcp

      If I use RDM for Mac. Can I copy paste file from Mac to Windows.
      I can’t do that with CorD

    • Anonymous

      Copy/paste does work with CoRD … version 0.5.7

    • Maxime Trottier

      With Remote Desktop Manager for Mac, you can redirect your local drives to the remote machine. This allows you to copy and paste files between them.

  • babul

    Wow awesome! Really, really excited about the Mac version. CoRD has been fantastic for me but no active development has left me scared. Glad there will be an alternative soon.

  • TPC

    Wow reale impressive, I would like to be part of the beta testing team. ;-)

    • Maxime Trottier

      Stay tuned as the registration will start shortly or send me an email at


  • Anonymous

    When will there be a Linux Client?

    • Maxime Trottier

      It’s not on the short term roadmap. We’ll launch the Mac version and then mobile versions will follow, but there’s no plan for the Linux Client yet.


  • Ton van Boven

    Can’t wail, cool design!
    Did you test with Window 2012 / Win 8 RDP If so: is the mouse pointer visible all the time? In CorD is just disappears…

    • Maxime Trottier

      We haven’t seen any problem with the mouse pointer on Windows 8 machines.

  • Anonymous

    Will the Mac client support RD Gateway connections, by any miracle?

    • Maxime Trottier

      Yes – you can specify a gateway the same as the Windows version.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Cant wait get it to test :D

  • Matthew Porter

    It’s October, Is it out yet?

    • Maxime Trottier

      Not quite yet! Still working on the last details…We’ll release it later this month. Did you register to the Beta team?

  • Matthew Porter

    :), Yes I have registered. This is the last thing for me to put Mac OS back on my MacBook

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