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Remote Desktop Manager: 2012 Year in Review

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Hi everyone!
2012 was an important year for Devolutions, and a lot of important events took place that allowed us to reach new levels of performance, service and results.
Powered by the continuously growing number of RDM users worldwide (over 200,000 in more than 80 countries!), in 2012 we invested in our people, systems, technology and infrastructure to help us deliver the best solutions and support possible.
Here’s a recap of some of the milestones that made 2012 the best year ever – so far! – at Devolutions:

Of course, NONE of these achievements would have been possible without you and other members or our global community. Thank you all so much!
As you know, we’re not a giant corporate empire. We’re an independent software company. We don’t sit around and dream about how we’re going to revolutionize the way you work. Instead, we look at the practical reality of what you do every day, and ask: what intelligent solutions can we create to simplify your life?
Everyone here is eagerly looking forward to 2013, which will be packed with even more exciting announcements and new projects. On behalf of the team, thank you again for putting your trust in our products.
We wish you and yours happy holidays!
See you next year!
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Maxime has extensive experience in product management, communication and advertising, and has spent the last several years helping renowned organizations bring their high-end solutions to customers worldwide. As Director of Marketing, Maxime leads Devolutions’ international market research and development efforts, along with customer relations and overall business development. He’s driven to bring innovative and cutting-edge solutions to Devolutions’ customers around the globe. Maxime earned his Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Québec at Trois-Rivières, and regularly attends sales and marketing workshops to increase his knowledge and expertise.

Max TrottierRemote Desktop Manager: 2012 Year in Review