First screenshot of Remote Desktop Manager for Mac!

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Hi everyone!

The cross-platform implementation of Remote Desktop Manager is evolving at a fast pace. In fact, we can already share with you a quick peak at what the new UI will look like in a Mac environment. Feel free to send me your comments and suggestions. Stay tuned for more news coming soon on the cross-implementation of RDM! Have a good week.


Max TrottierFirst screenshot of Remote Desktop Manager for Mac!
  • babul

    I am beyond excited about this!

  • Jouke Siekman

    How is the progress , i would love to have 1 tool voor all my admin connections. I did use it for a while on windows . One tool for all , i hope to try a beta on mac soon. Show us the progress.

    I would buy it a soon as possible

    • Maxime Trottier

      Hi Jouke,

      I’ve just talked to Richard our software architect working on the RDM for Mac and he will send me new screenshots next week. I’ll share them with you guys a soon as I have them.

      I did an interview with him a few weeks ago


  • Anonymous

    What’s the deal with the mac version? Is it coming out anytime soon?

    • Maxime Trottier

      The Beta of Password Vault Manager for Mac will be release soon! We’ll test the back-end of the software as it uses the same one as RDM. The Beta of RDM for Mac will be released later on.


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